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Save the money while cleaning the planet!

Since 2015, we are a pioneer in providing complete solutions for the use of biomass energy

Makro Gradnja d.o.o. is a pioneer in providing complete solutions for the use of energy derived from biomass.
It was founded in 2015 in Zagreb, and the main ideas of the company are environmental care and saving money, cheaper heating and a sustainable future, converting waste into energy.

With these goals in mind, Macro Converter was designed. It is an innovative wood or wood chip fired boiler for central heating that also has the ability to decompose plastic while producing energy – pyrolytic oil.

Željko Brigljević is an entrepreneur from Zagreb best known for the success he has achieved with the MakroMikro company.

While working in the IT industry, he encountered the problem of plastic disposal and decided to find a sustainable solution. This is how the idea of ​​creating Macro Converter arose. Macro Converter is an innovative furnace, which at the same time enables space heating and, thanks to the high temperatures it achieves, pyrolyzes plastic and produces pyrolytic oil. Its results are self-sustainability, removal of plastic from the environment, cheap heating with energy production. All of the above makes it unique in the market. Macro Converter is an alternative to gas heating while taking care of the environment!

Željko brigljević

Founder & CEO

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