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Macro Converter

Macro Converter is a specially designed cogeneration furnace – wood or wood chip furnace with additional function.

Thanks to the ability to achieve high temperatures, the process of pyrolysis, successfully converts various types of waste polymer products (plastics, rubber) into pyrolytic oil, while heating the space.

Plastic decomposes thermally in a container called a retort without a chemical reaction with oxygen. In short, it pyrolyzes, not burns. Apart from this process, heating is performed on wood or wood chips, which has a more favorable impact on the environment. Wood biomass is a sustainable and renewable energy source, and burning quality wood, along with the planned restoration of forest areas, does not increase carbon monoxide emissions because this amount is needed for the growth of new wood biomass.

By using Macro Converter we get rid of plastics and other waste that harms nature and we get energy.

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