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Waste to energy

MacroConverter is a new product on the market focused on protecting the environment and harmful waste disposal and, at the same time, production of heat and high quality synthetic fuel.

– Saving money while cleaning the planet

– Energy in harmony with nature

– Socially responsible behavior

– Circular economy as a solution for the future

Our Product

We are a pioneer in providing complete solutions for the use of biomass energy

Get rid of plastic

By using Macro Converter we get rid of plastics and other waste that harms nature and we get energy

Generate heat and fuel

Macro converter generates heat sufficient for heating several households or larger spaces and at the same time produces quality fuel for different purposes.

Build it yourself

You can buy constructing guidelines from us and build the solution yourself for an affordable price!

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If you would you like to design furnace by your own, buy constructing guidelines for affordable price!

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